You have the ability to enable autoplay for your embedded adventr, in case you'd like the video to start as soon as someone navigates to the page its embedded on. This can be a useful tactic if they are navigating to the video from an ad or social post, and you want that first click to launch the interactive experience (rather than requiring two clicks to begin your adventr). Note that all adventrs with autoplay enabled will start muted by default.

To enable autoplay for an embedded video, you first have to Publish your completed adventr project using the button at the top right of your project interface. Once it's finished transcoding, you can select Embed Settings on the popup window.

After clicking Embed Settings, there will be a checkbox labeled Autoplay. If you check that box, the autoplay logic will be added to your embed code in the field below:

You can observe in the gif above that what this checkbox is actually doing is adding "&autoplay=1" after ".data" in the embed code. You can choose to add that manually if you'd like, but we've added the autoplay checkbox for convenience. Now, you can copy that embed code and paste it wherever you are planning to embed.