When you first log in to the Adventr platform, you're directed to the Homepage Dashboard. You can think of this as your command center in Adventr. This is where you'll stay up-to-date on all Adventr related news, education, support, inspiration and metrics for your catalogue of projects. Of the following 4 distinct sections, 3 of them (Announcements, Inspirations, and Projects) are collapsable by clicking the Collapse view link at the top of each section. Let's go over each section:


In the Announcements section, we'll keep you informed on all our latest press, as well as education resources and our Adventr of the Week (our weekly spotlight on a creator that's making something awesome with Adventr).

You'll also be able to schedule an onboarding call with our Customer Success Lead. In this call, we'll learn about your primary use cases and goals, and give you a basic training on the platform.


In the Inspiration section, you'll see examples of some of the best adventrs from our creators. Use the buttons at the top to filter them by industry, feature category, or Adventrs of the Week.


Here, you'll see your existing projects, all represented by tiles. On each tile, you'll have the option to edit your adventr, play the adventr, see analytics for that project, share it or duplicate it.


You can create folders if you'd like to organize your projects by client, by quarter or any categorization that makes sense for your business. Just click the Add folder link to the left of your projects and give it a name. You can then drag any projects into that folder directly from the interface.

Dashboard Metrics

If you scroll all the way to the bottom of the homepage, you'll see a metrics dashboard that aggregates data across all of your projects. While the in-editor charts and funnels will help you understand the performance of specific projects, the homepage metrics will help you assess how your projects are performing compared to each other. Be sure to set benchmarks for yourself on what good should look like for you, and try to optimize video projects that fall short of that benchmark.

Click the buttons above the graph to understand your viewership across various dimensions (traffic sources, regions, devices, and browsers). To the left of the graph, you can toggle between views, unique viewers, impressions, unique impressions, action clicks, engagement rate, click-through rate, average watch time, and total watch time. Note that in the top right you can select a time range of either Last 7 days, Last 14 days, or Last 30 days.