Multi-Select and Resize Overlays + Alignment Tools

We’ve seriously upgraded ease-of-use in our overlay editor. You can now select multiple overlays to move and resize, simply by dragging your mouse over the overlays you’d like to select.

Now you can move and resize multiple overlays at the same time.

We also added alignment tools to help you evenly distribute your overlays with the click of a button. 

Stay tuned for even more exciting updates to our overlay editor coming soon!

Embed Privacy Settings

We heard your feedback about wanting more control over who accesses your adventrs. With the new Embed Privacy setting in the Options tab, you’ll be able to choose between three visibility options:

  • Anywhere (default): Anyone can copy and use the embed code

  • Nowhere: The adventr can only be viewed on 

  • Specific domains: The adventr can only be viewed on a specific domain (or domains) that you specify by entering the URL(s). 

This feature is available for users on the Business plan.

Resources for Boosting Engagement via Early Interactivity

We’ve learned that having interactions earlier in adventrs boosts viewer engagement significantly. It sets the precedent within moments of having a viewer’s attention that their role as a viewer is more involved than with a typical linear video.

We’ve provided a few examples as inspiration that you can easily implement in your adventrs. In the future, we’ll help you set them up directly within your project as well. For now, we’ll nudge you if you’re about to publish a project without interactivity within the first 10 seconds.

New Terms and Privacy Policies

We’ve updated our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policies. You’ll need to agree to them again the next time you log in to proceed to Adventr.