You can also use images as variables within your Adventr project.

Recommended Shoes

Add Personalized Logos or Badges

Recommended Shoes

Show Insights from Customer History

Recommended Shoes

Make Product Recommendations

How To

  1. Upload your placeholder image. We recommend this be the same size as the final images your viewers will see.

  2. Click on the Design tab, then click Edit beside Variables.

  3. Click Add Variable and select Image from drop-down menu.

  4. Type in your variable name and add a default image. Exit the Edit Variables modal to return to your canvas.

  5. Add an Image Button or Static Overlay in the Overlay Editor.

  6. Select the variable image and place it.

  7. When you're ready to share, click Smart Embed, and then add the URL from your replacement image here.

You can add multiple images, text, or combinations of both throughout your project. Learn how to add multiple variables here.

To automate this process at scale, check out our Smart Merge integrations page!