In this article, we’re covering how to create personalized adventrs by generating unique URLs directly within Adventr using Smart Embed. This is useful for sending personalized adventrs to a small group of recipients. 

For larger groups of recipients, see our article on how to merge email recipient data into Adventrs within your email marketing platform.

Or how to merge customer or user data through a database.

For the purposes of this example, we’ll be creating an invitation that will enable you to quickly generate a personalized invitation for each recipient with one simple field change.

How To:

  1. Create a video that leaves a blank space for the customer information you want automatically merged into your adventr.

  2. Upload your video into adventr and drag it onto the canvas.

  3. Click on the Design tab, then click Edit beside Variables.

  4. Type in your first variable name. Exit the Edit Variables modal to return to your canvas.

  5. Optional: Feel free to add a default value such as Valued Guest to account for potential missing customer data.

  6. Click Edit Overlays and add a Static Text field to the area you want your recipient’s name to populate.

  7. Click Text to edit the text of your static field.

  8. Enter text and drag in your dynamic variable wherever you’d like to merge in your recipient’s data.

  9. Publish your project by clicking Publish.

  10. Exit the modal and click on Smart Embed next to the Publish button.

  11. Type in the value of your variable.

  12. Click Copy Link to copy the Adventr URL or select Smart Embed Code and click Copy Tag.

  13. Repeat this process in order to create as many personalized adventrs and URLs as needed.

Our Final Result: