Actions are now easier to set up and launch with the help of some small UX improvements. Watch the video below to see launching texts, placing phone calls, and driving viewers to websites and social platforms within your adventrs in action.

This format of media is perfect for embedding calls to action throughout the experience. We encourage you to add ACTIONS from the Media panel to:

  • Direct the viewer to your website or other URL
  • Allow them to SMS text your team
  • Allow them to call your team on the phone
  • Allow them to share on social media
  • Allow them to email your team

We generally recommend that Actions come toward the end of the video, so that the viewer has had enough time to be engaged by the interactive format before directing them elsewhere. Here are the steps to adding an ACTION to a project:

Add an external link

You can allow your viewer to visit any website just by tapping the video. To add clickable external link buttons within your adventr, first, drag an “External Link” tile onto the canvas. These can be found in the Media Panel on the right, below Images and Videos.

1. Make the connection

Then hover over the clip you'd like to create the link from, and click the Arrow Icon. Then connect that to the External Link tile by clicking on it. A line will be drawn between them. 

2. Insert the URL

Then click the Pencil Icon on the External Link tile to edit the link. You'll be able to change the URL.

3. Edit Button Overlays

Edit the button leading to the action via the Edit Overlays option on the clip leading to the external link. Here you can change the button location and size. To manipulate the font and styling of the button, go to the design panel where you can peruse many options.