When you upload media to your Adventr account, all of your images and videos are added to your library where they can be re-used in future projects without the need to re-upload them.

To access your Media Library, click Open library in the sidebar:

From there, they can be stored in custom folders. Divided by project, frequently used assets, or however you choose! 

In your library, click Add to create a new folder, or hover over an existing folder and click Add to create a sub-folder. Then just drag and drop your uploaded media into one of your custom folders, or upload media directly into the folder through your library.

To add a previously uploaded asset to your current project, simply click Open library, find the image or video you want to select, then drag and drop it onto the canvas. 

If you'd like to add an asset to your project without bringing it onto the canvas, then hover over that clip and click the circle in the left-hand corner. It'll then be linked to your current project in the sidebar.