Adventr's platform offers full compliance with GDPR and CCPA rules (you can view our privacy policy here), and we make best efforts to ensure you can use Adventr within your compliant websites. 

Adventr tracks viewers to our analytics platforms in order to display performance data in Charts and Funnels.

If you embed Adventr on a website that will be accessed in a region that requires permissions for cookies and other tracking, then your viewers will be prompted to opt-in before they play the Adventr. We will not track the viewer until they have opted in. 

What if your visitor has already opted in via your website's permissions banner?

If you update your website's privacy policy and overall permissions banner to ensure your users are opted-in to Adventr's data usage before you load the Adventr embed, we have an option to indicate to the player that permissions are pre-approved. To do so, update your embed code by adding &gdpr=skip at the end of the URL inside of src="" .  If you use this feature, you acknowledge and confirm that Adventr is not responsible for having your viewers opt in to tracking and that you and/or your organization are responsible for GDPR or other regional compliance in regards to your Adventr-made content, and that regionally required opt-ins are obtained and that all of Adventr's tracking information is shared with the user.

What if you want to disable all tracking?

In some scenarios (such as a website for kids), you may want to offer an Adventr experience without collecting any analytics data. That is an option with our custom plans, so get in touch if you need to completely disable analytics tracking.

This FAQ is not legal advice. We recommend seeking proper legal advice if you are using Adventr embeds for visitors in regions where privacy laws may affect you.