There are two ways you can create a looping experience.

Solution 1: Edit the loops into the video clip itself

One easy way to create a looping experience is to open your clip in your editing software and then copy the part of the video you want to loop. Paste it several times after the end of the video in your timeline and then re-export the clip. To make it feel like an endless loop, you might want to copy the looped portion enough to cover 30 seconds or so.

Then upload the new, longer clip to your Adventr project. You can then drag it onto the clip you want to replace. 

While this solution is easy, it won't loop forever, you'll still need to choose an option from the Switching Modes. If you definitely need endless looping, the next option will work for you.

Solution 2: Add the looping portion of the clip to the canvas twice and make looping connections

  1. In your editing software, cut the end part of your original video you want to loop as a separate clip and upload it to Adventr. 
  2. Make a connection with a tiny, transparent button that switches from the original video to the loop video in Seamless or Instant Switch transition mode. 
  3. Add the same loop clip to the canvas a second time and make a connection to it from the first loop clip.
  4. Also make a connection from the second loop clip back to the first.
    (It's important to make the connections between the loop clips first, since the auto-chosen next-video is always the first one in the list)
  5. Make both of those connections have tiny, transparent buttons. 
  6. Now you'll have a clip that auto-loops at the end of your video. The next thing you want to do is add your next choices to the canvas and draw connections to them from both of the loop clips. 
  7. Edit each of the loop clips and customize the actual buttons for the next choices on both loop clips so they look the same and are in the same positions on each loop clip.
  8. In both loop clips, change the choices-appear time all the way to 00:00 (start of the video).

In the canvas view, the loop clips and the next choices will appear something like this:

In the overlay editor for each loop clip, it will look something like this: