You can cancel or downgrade your Adventr plan at any time. If you have remaining days on your plan, you can continue to use all of its features up until the last day.

When your plan lapses due to a downgrade or cancellation, your account will switch to the limits of your new plan immediately. This means that features like advanced analytics may be disabled, and also means that if you had more projects or videos than your new plan allows, some of your projects may be unpublished. 

We will automatically unpublish your older projects first until your account is back under the new limit. If any of the remaining projects have more videos than your plan allows, those projects will also be unpublished.

If your downgrade puts you on a plan that does not include certain features, those features will be disabled in your project.

You can still edit your projects and unpublish the ones you no longer need. You can also delete videos you no longer need, and once you are back under your limits, you can republish updated projects or create new ones.

You can also upgrade at any time to restore any projects that were unpublished or limited due to your plan.

If you have questions about what the different plan limits are, have a look at our Plans page.