You can publish an Adventr experience to Facebook, either in a post, or in an ad. In either case, it will load as an overlay in the Facebook app with full interactivity.

Here's what an Adventr looks like in the Facebook app:

How to post an Adventr as a Facebook post

Just tap the share button on your published Adventr page and then tap the Facebook icon. You can add a comment or description, and then share with the world! The Adventr will show up in your post with a large thumbnail preview and when someone taps on it, it will take the full screen and start playing (as in the above example).

How to post an Adventr in a Facebook Ad

You can use Adventr's in any Facebook ad format. An easy way to go is to post an Adventr and then boost the post. For other ad formats, just use the published Adventr URL as the Website URL in your ad. You can then use an image or video in the ad to encourage your viewers to tap through into the interactive experience. It may help if your ad image/video has a specific call out to the viewer that they can tap to interact.