Welcome to the future of internet media. If you're new to interactive content, or even if you're a seasoned pro, we recommend starting with our Best Practices guide.

Then you can watch the video below to learn how our interactive editor works:

Adventr Editor
  • Add your own video content: Click ‘UPLOAD MEDIA’ to upload videos and images directly from your computer.
  • Once videos are uploaded and transcoded, you can drag your videos from the media column onto the canvas. 
  • Once you have more than one video on the canvas, you can connect them. Hover over the starting video on the canvas and click the arrow icon. The videos you can connect to will show a red border. Select the video you want to connect to. 
  • On the starting video, click the pencil to edit the video-choice options. You can move the buttons within the video, change the button-text or change the buttons into custom images (uploaded via UPLOAD MEDIA). You can also make the buttons partially or completely transparent. You can also use the alignment buttons to auto-align the buttons either vertically or horizontally. 
  • To set when the choices will appear within the video, drag the white marker to the desired time. 
  • Switching Modes: You have three options for how videos transition from one to another: 
    • Instant Switch: The video will switch to the chosen video immediately once the button is tapped. 
    • Seamless: The choice will be registered when the button is tapped, but the video will not switch until the end of the video. 
    • Wait: Works the same as instant switch, except that the video will not switch to a default video. Instead the video will pause and the user will need to tap one of the choices before it will switch. 
  • Initial Video: The first video you put on the canvas will be the Initial Video by default. That means it will be where viewers start watching. If you want to change which is the Initial Video, click the pencil icon and tick the box for “Set this video as initial”. 
  • Links: To add link buttons within your video, first drag an “External Link” tile on to the canvas. Then click the *arrow* icon in the video you want to link from, followed by clicking on the External Link tile you just added. A line will be drawn between them. Then click the pencil to *edit* the link. You can change the URL. Edit the video you are linking from to customize the button that opens the link. 
  • Facebook and Twitter Shares: You can add custom share actions to your videos. They work a lot like Links except that when a user clicks the button it opens the associated platform with the link pre-populated for sharing. 
  • Restart: If you want to a button that lets a user restart back to the first video, drag the Restart tile on to the canvas and make a connection to it. It functions just like if you were drawing a connection to the initial video. 
  • You can remove any tile (video, link, share or restart), by clicking the Trash Can icon in the canvas. This will only remove it from the canvas, not from the uplaods. If you want to completely delete an upload, you need to first remove it from the canvas, and then delete it from the Media column. 
  • Previewing: Click the play button on a video to *preview* your interactive video from that clip onwards. 
  • Publish: When you're ready to launch, click Publish. We'll render your project and encode your videos for all formats and devices. You will then see a url you can share with others as well as an embed code. If you are a premium subscriber we'll also enable VPAID access and generate a tag for your campaign. 

Project Options

(tab to the right of Media)

  • Poster Image (Optional)
    The image to be shown before the user hits play. You need to upload the image in the Media column first and then you can select it here. 
  • Watermark (Optional / Premium-only)
    Brand the experience by placing a watermark image anywhere in your video. You need to upload the image in the Media column first and then you can select it here. 
  • Third-Party Analytics (Optional / Premium-only)
    Add your own Mixpanel or Google Analytics IDs if you want to track engagement in your own accounts. Adventr will always still track data via our custom analytics service. 
  • VAST Ad ID (Optional / Premium-only)
    An Ad-id for this campaign, obtained from ad-id.org
  • VAST Click Through Link (Optional / Premium-only)
    For ad campaigns. 
  • Share Link (Optional / Premium-only)
    If you have embedded your video on your own site, you can override the shared link so that when people share your video, they can access it on your own site. 
  • Initial Volume (Optional)
    If you want the video to be mute on initial playback, you can set that option here. 
  • Global Social Message (Optional)
    The default message that will be displayed on your video page and along with the shared link on Twitter or in Emails. 

Adventr Analytics

Adventr provides extensive analytics for your campaigns. We track everything from impressions, clicks, average duration, geo-location, and more - all broken down by a variety of characteristics for viewers. Learn more about analytics here.