As soon as you publish and share your projects, we start collecting an immense amount of data to help you understand your Adventr's performance and the usage behavior of your audience.

There are two views of your data available. Both views have a date picker so you can choose any period of time to look at.


All Adventr accounts include access to play-count charts, where you can see a daily count of plays. If you upgrade to one of our premium plans, you can also see average viewing time per viewer and unique loads per day. 

What do the metrics mean?

  • Views are the count of unique instances in which someone pressed PLAY on your video. This can be multiple times per individual if they've watched more than once.
  • Total Watch Time is the total duration of your video that has been viewed by all in aggregate.
  • Average Watch Time is the average number of seconds that each person spends watching your Adventr.
  • Action Click Rate is the percentage of viewers that pressed PLAY on your video and then subsequently selected an action or link out to another place (ie. external link, SMS, phone call, email, social share, etc.) out of the total number of viewers that pressed PLAY.
  • Engagement Rate is the percentage of viewers that completed an interaction by pressing a button or linking out elsewhere out of the total number of viewers that pressed PLAY.
  • Impressions are the count of people who visited a page where your Adventr is embedded. Like with Plays, only one impression per person is counted.

Charts can be broken down and/or filtered by Region, Embed Source, OS, and Browser. Simply select one of these dimensions from the Category menu, and you'll see them all appear in the graph. If you want to zero in on one region or source etc. use the filter drop-down that appears after you select a Category.

The Charts analytics are pretty similar to what you might see on any normal video platform. But since Adventr is a unique platform for smart interactive video, we offer another view called Funnels.


If you are on our Business plan, you get access to Adventr's powerful funnel analytics, where you can see exactly how many times each choice in your video is taken and how viewers flow through your experiences. 

The first node labeled "Load" contains the total impressions of your player as well as the unique impressions, i.e. the number of people who saw your player (the unique loads matches the Loads metric on Charts).

The second node shows the total number of times your Adventr was started. This node, and all the others to the right, show total counts, not uniques. You can then follow the paths to see what percentage of people made each choice. The percentage shown in red is the drop-off rate from this clip.

If you have a complicated project, it may help to hover over a node to isolate its metrics.

If you are using External Links or other Actions in your Adventr, you will see them in Funnels, so you can determine the click-rate or other important KPIs.

Like with Charts, you can filter Funnels by Region, Source, OS and Browser. However, you need to choose an option from the filter menu to update the view. 

Advanced Analytics require a premium account. Upgrade or contact sales here.