New Features: Onboarding experience, UI improvements (October 2022)

New and improved onboarding experience

We’ve introduced a new way for users to onboard in Adventr. In addition to starting a project from a blank canvas, we’re offering the option to start with an example project we built for users to “learn backwards” with. We’ll even walk you through the basics in five simple steps, so you’re acquainted with the platform in minutes and ready to create your own adventr. 

Check it out by clicking “Get Started” in the yellow box on your Projects page. 

We’ll be adding some helpful tips for users who start with a blank canvas too. Stay tuned!

User experience improvements

We made various improvements to the Adventr editor based on your feedback:

  1. You can now resize the video panel in the overlay editor to your liking. This is especially useful when viewing clips with lots of unsynced overlays! 

2. You can now edit text directly within the field, where previously you used to receive a separate prompt to enter and save text. Saved you a step!

3. Actions are now easier to set up and launch with the help of some small UX improvements. Watch the video below to see launching texts, placing phone calls, and driving viewers to websites and social platforms within your adventrs in action.


We hear your suggestions loud and clear and are constantly improving the platform, thanks to your feedback. Keep the feedback coming.


Team Adventr

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