New features: independent overlay timing and proportional image resizing

We've been listening to your feedback and have been working hard to deliver the world's best creative tools. We're thrilled to announce two new features which have been the most requested features of our users for some time:

  • Independent overlay timing
  • Resizing images proportionally

Independent overlay timing

Would you like to choose when individual graphics and buttons appear and disappear during a video clip, independently of one another? Now choices can appear all at once, or one at a time. 

To do so, open the editor for the clip containing the overlays you want to edit and uncheck the "Sync" box. Then simply adjust the start and endpoints for each overlay. Drag the playhead to preview overlays at different times!

Resizing images proportionately

Have you ever found yourself wasting time adjusting proportions when resizing images? Now, when you resize an image the proportions will automatically adjust!

To do so, click on the link image to the right of the "Width" and "Height" dimensions to "constrain proportions". Then simply adjust the size of the image by dragging one of the corners of the image itself.

We hear your suggestions loud and clear and are constantly improving the platform, thanks to your feedback. Keep the feedback coming.


Team Adventr

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The independent overlay timing is awesome. Thank you for getting that implemented!

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