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Full screen edit overlay panel

The edit overlay panel is where the magic of this program is done, when clicking on it- it opens a tiny window.
Adding text, buttons and other things perfectly is hard because the window is really small.
I have to CTRL+zoom to zoom in on my browser in order to work in the window.
We can't navigate or use anything else while that window is open so it should be larger- given that's the only thing we can do when we open it and don't need to see that workspace anymore!

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I'm with you on this one David! I was working on a project this weekend where I needed to precisely place hover state graphics and I kept having to exit the overlay panel and preview the content and then go back to the overlay panel to make adjustments. If there is a reason that the overlay panel can not be bigger, then there should at least be an option to preview a clip from within the overlay panel to cut down on navigating back and forth.

Yes, would also like to have a way to zoom in to preview graphic placement

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