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In/Out Points for Choice Overlays

A cool feature I would like to see added would be the ability to add an in and out point for a specific choice overlay. This would be useful if I have different choices I want the audience to be able to make that appear at different parts of a clip. For example, let's say I have a lower third for the first part of a clip that is not present throughout. I would like the ability to only trigger the selection for the lower third at the points in the clip where it is visible.

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Hi Rihanna,

Ryan from Adventr here. This is a great suggestion that we hope to implement soon. In the meantime I have a potential workaround for you. 

Currently the only way to have options appear at different times is to break your videos into smaller pieces and have different choice options in each segment. So let's imagine you have a video that's 60 seconds long and you want choice A on screen from 10-60 and choice B on screen from 30-60. Then you would split the video in half and in the first clip add a transparent choice that connects to the second clip (so it will be auto-chosen). You'd then add choice A to that first clip and set the choices-appear to 10:00. On the second clip you'd add choice A and choice B and set the choices-appear to 0:00. I know this is just a workaround, but we are exploring how we can make this kind of thing easier in the future.

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Love this suggestion!

We recently launched independent timing for overlays. You can now un-check the "Sync overlays" box and modify the in and out times for each of your static of button overlays.

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